70 Mile Hall Community Hall Rental Agreement

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Terms & General Rules
The hall is rented between 7AM and 1AM unless other arrangements are approved. Setup and cleanup outside the stated hours requires approval and may incur additional charges. To ensure access to the hall at 7AM the day of the event, keys can be checked out the day before from 70 Mile Community Club Member 10AM and 5PM. All events must be concluded by 1AM unless other arrangements with the 70 Mile Community Club Member staff are confirmed in writing. All vendors, equipment, visitors and cleaning personnel must be out of the building by 1:30AM. Renter is responsible for cleaning the hall after use. Any damage to the hall during the rented timeframe is solely the responsibility of the renter.70 Mile Community Club Member reserves the right to bill the renter for any damages. Please see attached cleaning checklist for a complete list of renter responsibilities.

Community Hall Restrictions

1. Noise needs to be kept at a reasonable level.
2. The Hall is a NON-smoking facility.
3. Minor children are allowed to use the building with appropriate supervision.
4. NO pets.
5. Sleeping in the Hall is prohibited but exterior camping can be arranged.
6. Use involving the sale of alcohol is regulated by the BC Government. Permits must be obtained by the renter or caterer if you are selling alcohol Liquor Special Event Permit.
7. No nails, tacks, adhesives, glues, 3M removable fasteners, or tape can be used on the walls, floors or trusses. Pre-mounted hooks are provided by the Hall and may be used to hang decorations or lighting. Damage to building will result in additional charges.

Security Deposit & Processing Fee
Security Deposit  in the amount of $170 must be received within 7 days of booking, or the reservation will be subject to cancellation. A non refundable $25 processing fee applies to all cancellations. After the event and the hall is left clean and undamaged. Your refund will be mailed within 7 days after your reservation date. (Please refer to 70 Mile Community Hall Restrictions above and attached Maintenance Checklist that will be below.)

70 Mile Community Hall Rental Fee Structure Standard.
Hourly rental: $43.
Daily rental: $322.
Weekly: $1117.

Rental, Clean Up & Damage Deposit: $170.

70 Mile Community Hall Rental Maintenance Checklist.

To receive your deposit refund, 70 Mile Community Hall staff will inspect the hall after your event and check off that your group completed the following items. Cleaning supplies are located in the Kitchen. Failure to complete the tasks below may result in reduction of your security/cleaning deposit refund.

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